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Heated Floors

We warm your sole.

Heated Floors

Heated floors are so cool…, actually they are soooo warm. Step out of your bed or walk  into your bathroom onto a warm heated floor. With heated floors in your home, you can throw away those socks and slippers. Gone are the days of cold ceramic and wood floors.

Soothing comfort and consistent,
even heat.

Certified Installation for your sole.

heated floor installer


  • NuHeat Quality
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ultra Modern Digital Thermostats
  • 25 year warranty

The comfort you deserve

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are easy to install, energy efficient and can be controlled using a variety of thermostat options.

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems combine this great feeling of comfort with innovative and energy-efficient heating technology and digital thermostats –easily programmed allowing for heat on demand.

We are Certified Installers of NuHeat systems.

We are Certified Installers of Schluter Heated Floors.

We install cable type heated floors or we embed a mat.  Embedding a mat type requires more height than a cable type floor.  Did you know that heated floors increase the level of sound proofing in your home?

Jesse & Emery Truscott

“We have much appreciation for Walter’s work and would recommend him for any floor tiling project. He did an amazing job installing, grouting and sealing our kitchen backsplash. He was fast, efficient and precise and offers his incredible knowledge to your vision. Walter is kind, considerate, flexible with his time and most important; he is a man of his word. We will surely be calling Walter to handle any and all of our tile work needs.”

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